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Click each name to read more about why they are supporting a Disability Cultural Center at Georgetown! (Right now, names are the only way to access each supporter’s page.)  All image descriptions are located on the supporter’s own page. Not all pages have been posted, but we are working toward posting each supporter’s individual page.

Want to be included here? Email Lydia Brown at lydia@autistichoya.com for details!

Toniann Maniscalco (COL 2015) | Michael Allen (SFS 1979) | David A. Green (CAS 1985, LAW 1988) | Natalia Rivera-Morales (M.A. 2013) | Caitlin Cocilova (LAW 2015) | Lydia Brown (COL 2015) | Citlalli Alvarez (COL 2015) | Trevor Tezel (SFS 2015) and Omika Jikaria (SFS 2015) | Ray Hemachandra (CAS 1989) | Christina Emanuel (CAS 1987)| Ryan McAllister (Department of Physics) | Mike Meaney (SFS 2012) and Greg Laverriere (COL 2012) | Allyn Rosenberger (NHS 2017) | Chris DeLorenzo (Department of History) | Alyssa Peterson (COL 2014)