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Ryan McAllister

Ryan McAllister
Research Assistant Professor
Department of Physics

“For my family to have community and navigate our neighborhood, I see that we need both understanding and welcome from others. But this isn’t always easy — a history of exclusion and secrecy around disability leaves its echoes, from a sense of discomfort and unfamiliarity with disabilities, to systemic access problems, and even to an under-recognition of how disability is a part of everyone’s lives. I value efforts to increase awareness and consideration of the incredible diversity of ability and disability and to create new spaces organized around disability and community. I support a Disability Cultural Center at Georgetown — in addition to being personally meaningful to me as a faculty member, I hope Georgetown will use its prominent institutional position to help to resolve the echoes of our exclusionary past.”

Ryan McAllister is Research Assistant Professor in the Department of Physics at Georgetown University. Initially trained as a physicist in experimental nonlinear dynamics, Ryan has been increasingly drawn to highly interdisciplinary fields and is particularly interested in areas with social relevance. While he currently maintains effort in a number of innovative biologically-motivated research projects, his deepest interests are in family health, relationships, social justice, and nonviolence. In 2003, he co-founded NotJustSkin, an all-volunteer nonprofit with the goal of integrating ethical, structural, and scientific analyses of the U.S. maternity care system with local offerings of person-centric counseling, support, and diversity services. In 2008, Ryan co-founded Maitri House, an intentional community with an innovative co-ownership structure. He has facilitated over 200 workshops and support group meetings on communication, relationship skills, and conflict resolution including across differences in race, gender, culture, and sexuality. He is also a parent of a child with what physicians call “profound developmental differences.”

Images: Two photographs, both depicting Ryan McAllister and Freya. They are both light-skinned, though Ryan is definitely older and Freya is still a child. They both have very thick medium brown hair. Ryan is wearing glasses, a beige t-shirt with a graphic of a house and text in Hebrew, beige pants, and the special kind of shoes that have separate openings for each toe. Freya is holding onto Ryan’s back/shoulders. She is wearing a pink shirt, red pants, and patterned socks. They are standing outside by a stone pathway in a front yard with trees in the background and a circular wooden table beside them with overcast skies above. They are holding a sign that has print letters saying, “Disability Justice for Georgetown!”