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Ray Hemachandra

Ray Hemachandra
CAS 1989

“I graduated from the College in Georgetown’s bicentennial class of 1989, and the university’s slogan for that historic year was ‘Learning. Faith. Freedom.’ Building a Disability Cultural Center on campus honors all three of those traditional Hoya values, while affirming Georgetown’s role as a leader, academically, culturally, and ethically, as we raise a bridge to the Georgetown future that will accept, include, and embrace all of its students, abled in a rich multiplicity of ways.”

Ray Hemachandra (CAS 1989, government major, English minor) is a publisher, interviewer, blogger, business, social-media, and marketing strategist. He is also a professional-development coach, autism activist, and trainer. His personal website is at www.rayhemachandra.com.

Images: There are three photographs, each of Ray and Nicholas Hemachandra, father and son, standing outdoors during the daytime on a sunny day. In each photograph, Ray is wearing a long-sleeved chrome blue button-down dress shirt and black dress slacks, while Nicholas is wearing windbreaker pants and glasses. They are holding a very large hand-made sign, mostly white but with dark blue trim, that says in hand-written black marker, “Disability Justice for Georgetown! CAS ’89, CAS ’23.” In one photo, they are standing on a dirt path with several green trees and a lake behind them. In another photo, they are standing on the gently sloped grass leading down to the same pond, with many bare trees and an overpass visible behind them. In the final photo, they are standing on a tarred surface outdoors, with several tall angular bushes behind them and bare trees behind those.