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Washington Metro Disabled Students Collective

The Washington Metro Disabled Students Collective is a new independent students’ organization.

We seek to united disabled students/students with disabilities throughout the Washington Metro area (including Maryland and Northern Virginia) to collaborate in organizing for disability access, equality, and inclusion on our campuses.

If you are a student at any level (undergrad, graduate, law, medical, etc.) at any college or university in the greater Washington area, and you identify as disabled or having a disability of any kind, you are welcome to join! (You can be a two or four year student, degree or non-degree seeking, certificate or degree program, etc. As long as you are a student in the DMV area!) We welcome anyone with mental, emotional, or physical disabilities, either apparent or hidden. There is no formal membership process and we don’t collect dues of any kind.

We strive to work across queer, trans*, gender, race, class, immigration, and faith issues through organizing for disability rights.


First Social Event

​The Washington Metro Disabled Students Collective invites you to our first social event to welcome new and old friends. We will be hosting monthly events to alternate between social events and political discussions.
In order to give the hosting restaurant an accurate headcount, please RSVP if you will be attending by Wednesday, June 25th at the latest. Contact information is at the bottom of this announcement. You can also RSVP to our Facebook event page. It is okay to decide to come or not come closer to the day of the event, but we would like to give as close to accurate a number as possible.
Date: Sunday, June 29th, 2014
Time: 1:00pm to 4:00pm. Feel free to arrive late or leave early! The $9.95 all you can eat buffet closes at 3pm.
Place: Capitol Hill Tandoor and Grill, 419 8th Street SE, Washington DC 20003
Public transit: Closest metro station is Eastern Market, on the Blue and Orange lines. By bus, you can take the 90, 92, 93, 32, 34, or 36 to come within one block of the restaurant.
Menu: The menu has gluten-free and vegetarian options. The manager said that they often have patrons who have food allergies, GF/CF, or other dietary needs, and are happy to accommodate and point to the compatible items on the menu. All items are halal, but might not be kosher. Items range in spiciness from spicy to medium to mild. There is an excellent selection of delicious sweet desserts as well.
Wheelchair access: Wide, low-incline ramp to enter restaurant. Plenty of space between and around tables. Bathrooms have room to turn and are wheelchair accessible inside. Bathroom doors are heavy and do not have an automatic button.
Noise level: Low, but could rise to medium depending on other patrons. Other people will be there at the same time as us.
Fragrances/scents: In main restaurant area, you can smell all of the food scents, which are Pakistani/Indian. In bathrooms, you can smell strong cleaning chemicals.
ASL access: We will not have professional interpreters at the event, but there will be at least one community member present who can mediate between spoken English and ASL (including tactile ASL).
Name tags: We will have name tags available for everyone with scent-free markers. You should write your preferred name. You can choose to write your pronouns on your name tag. Important — even though we will have name tags, you must also introduce yourself verbally (if you use speech or AAC) or in ASL.
Bathroom safety: There are two bathrooms that each have only one toilet. They are binary gendered.
Contact: Lydia Brown, president. Voice or text message to (202) 618-0187. Email to lydia@autistichoya.com.​

Contacting Us

Right now, our home is on Facebook in a group page. If you are interested in joining our Facebook group, you can click the “request to join” button. The Facebook group privacy is set to “closed,” which means that anyone who has a Facebook account can access the Facebook names of everyone in the group, but only members can access posts and comments. Our Facebook group page is at www.facebook.com/groups/disabledstudentsdc/. You can also like our public page on Facebook!

We also have a new Google Groups email list! Our address is disabledstudentsdc@googlegroups.com. Only other members can access email addresses of people on the list, but messages are received by everyone. If you would like to be added to the email discussion list, send an email from the account you want to have added to lydia@autistichoya.com with a request to join the list.

Since we know that not everyone uses Facebook, wants to join disability-related pages, or likes using email lists, we are using this page as a web-home for information about us separate from the Facebook group and the email list. If you want to get in contact with us outside of Facebook or the email list, you can reach out to one of the co-founders and coordinators by email, voice, or text message using the following information:

Lydia Brown
Georgetown University
+1 (202) 618-0187