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Chris DeLorenzo

Christopher DeLorenzo
PhD Candidate, Department of History

DeLorenzo Disability Justice

“Disabled people are not the only group to exist on the margins of the Georgetown community. But unlike women, people of color, and LGBTQ people, we have no community of our own on campus, and we lack an institutional affirmation that we are a valid part of human diversity. This state of affairs is wholly inconsistent with Georgetown’s commitment to cura personalis, and it has very real consequences for our experiences as students, educators, employees, and alumni. It needs to change. A Disability Cultural Center, founded and operated by and for disabled people, would catalyze that change in a way that no other initiative can. It is my hope that by the time I finish my degree, the disabled students I teach will have at least one safe and empowering space on campus.”

Chris DeLorenzo is a proudly autistic Ph.D student and teaching assistant in the History Department at Georgetown University. His research focuses on social movements in twentieth-century Bolivia.

Image: A young white man with slightly wavy brown hair, a mustache, and a goatee, wearing a light collared shirt and dark vest, holding a handwritten sign that says Disability Justice for Georgetown. Behind him is the Bolivian national flag, and the multicolor checkered one behind his head is a Bolivian indigenous flag known as a Wiphala.