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Who We Are

Lydia BrownLydia Brown
COL 2015
Planning Committee Coordinator

I am an autistic disability rights activist and public speaker currently serving my second term as Undersecretary for Disability Affairs in the Diversity Cabinet of the Georgetown University Student Association (GUSA), along with co-coordinating the Washington Metro Disabled Students Collective. My advocacy work has covered a broad variety of issues in disability policy, including restraint and seclusion, police brutality, the intersection of disability and queerness, violence against disabled people, and access to higher education. I am a member of the Board of Directors of TASH New England, the DC Autism Task Force, and the Georgetown University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities (UCEDD) Consumer Advisory Council. My website is Autistic Hoya.

Image: Young Asian person with short chin-length black hair, wearing a bright turquoise blue shirt and large dangling earrings, sitting on a wooden park bench outdoors on a cloudy day. 

DeLorenzo Disability Justice 2Chris DeLorenzo
PhD Candidate, Department of History
Planning Committee Member

I am a proudly autistic Ph.D student and teaching assistant in the History Department at Georgetown University. My research focuses on social movements in twentieth-century Bolivia.

Image: A young white man with slightly wavy brown hair, a mustache, and a goatee, wearing a light collared shirt and dark vest, holding a handwritten sign that says Disability Justice for Georgetown. Behind him is the Bolivian national flag, and the multicolor checkered one behind his head is a Bolivian indigenous flag known as a Wiphala.

Scott Ruona
MSB 2015
Graphic Designer

I’m an undergraduate at the Georgetown University McDonough School of Business. I study marketing and operations & information management (OPIM). I’m interested in mobile technology and LGBTQ issues. This is my personal website.

Image: A young white man with short, neatly combed blond hair, wearing a light purple/gray/white plaid dress shirt, with his hand resting on his fist, smiling as he stands by a tree trunk outdoors on a sunny day. 

With gratitude to Christina Emanuel (CAS 1987) for her generous support of the Disability Justice for Georgetown campaign to establish a Disability Cultural Center at Georgetown University.