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About Us

We are an informal coalition of Georgetown University undergraduates, graduate students, and alumni working together to call for a Disability Cultural Center.  Our supporters include undergraduates, graduate students, alumni, faculty, administrators, and staff at Georgetown. Some of us identify as disabled or people with disabilities, and some of us are non-disabled allies to the disability community.

What unites us across the full breadth of our diversity is a shared drive to advocate for greater access, equity, and inclusion for disabled members of the Georgetown community. We believe that the creation of a Disability Cultural Center is critical to disability justice work at Georgetown. We seek to bring greater attention to the disability community at Georgetown as part of our efforts in working toward the creation of a Disability Cultural Center.

Right now, only three Disability Cultural Centers exist in the world. They are housed at Syracuse University, the University of Minnesota, and the University of Washington, Seattle. We believe that Georgetown has a unique opportunity for innovation and leadership in higher education by establishing a Disability Cultural Center to complement the work of our other diversity centers, including the Women’s Center, the Center for Multicultural Equity and Access, and the LGBTQ Resource Center.

Georgetown University is located in the nation’s capital, a city teeming with disability justice activists organizing in the local community, disability studies scholars conducting critical disability theory research, and disability rights advocates working for systems change at the international, national, and local levels. Washington D.C. is not only the headquarters of dozens of leading disability rights think tanks, nonprofits, and NGO’s, but also a strong cultural center of the American Deaf community. All of this makes Georgetown an ideal location for a new Disability Cultural Center.